How to Clean Your Deck

Use a mild cleaning solution, like a dish or laundry detergent, if your deck is painted. Bleach, on the other hand, can eat away at painted finishes. Use oxygen bleach, which is gentler on wood than chlorine bleach, or a natural cleaner like vinegar. If you’re using oxygen bleach, test the mixture on a hidden area of your deck before applying it to the entire surface. Make sure to rinse thoroughly afterward.

Pressure Washing

Suppose you’re worried about chemicals and are unsure what to use. Some cleaning product is an effective solution for treating wood stains. The product contains five other cleaning agents and surfactants, which dissolve stains and emulsify them. The cleaner also loosens and scours gray fibers. It also comes with protective gloves and glasses, so you can safely use them without fear of harming yourself. If you’re not comfortable cleaning your gutters, hireĀ a Deck Cleaning company to do it for you. You will not have to deal with chemicals.

Bleach and ammonia can create a toxic chemicals. Never mix cleaning solutions with other chemicals. These can cause a dangerous chemical reaction. Keep them out of reach of small children. Also, wear protective gear when using cleaning solutions, especially bleach. If you don’t have a push broom, consider purchasing an extension brush. The push broom is more durable and provides a better cleaning solution than an extension brush.

Water brooms are another option for cleaning your deck. These pressure washer attachments can cover a larger area than a wand. Using the spray nozzle, you can keep the water hose at the same height over your deck. Depending on the amount of dirt, you can use a different pressure level than a wand, and nozzles for this purpose are available to suit various needs.

You may have to repeat the cleaning process twice if your deck is dirty. To prevent paint from peeling, you should let your deck dry between each cleaning cycle. Then, make sure to clear your deck of anything valuable. This process is faster if you have a friend or helper. You may also want to get a friend to help you so that you can work on both ends at once.

Chlorine bleach is not a natural cleaner but kills algae and black mold. It is an effective cleanser, but it’s toxic for the environment, so it’s best avoided unless you are sure you’re using it daily. You should always wear protective clothing when using chlorine bleach and follow the instructions on the container. When mixing chlorine bleach with water, be sure to wet the abutting vegetation with water to minimize the risk of chemical burns to the surface. And remember to rinse away any bleach runoff afterward.

Wooden decks require regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and prevent damage. There are various cleaning solutions available in your local hardware store. Homemade deck cleaning solutions can help you to get rid of algae, mildew, and oil. You can also make your cleaning solution by mixing various household items. You can also make your cleaning solution to seal your deck. You should also make sure that you seal the deck after cleaning to prevent rot.

Oxalic acid can remove iron and brown-black tannin stains from your deck. This chemical is a powerful cleaner and brightener, but it’s effective only on cedar and redwood. Ensure you wear protective gear before using this solution, as it’s quite toxic. When cleaning, rinse thoroughly and dry the surface before continuing. When you’re finished, your deck should look new again.

Hard water contains high mineral deposits that can leave unsightly spots on your deck. If you have a deck made of Trex, this isn’t a problem, but if your wood has gotten too worn or weathered, you can clean it with white vinegar. Rinse thoroughly, and then dry the surface with a blower or cloth. Hard water stains can also be removed using a deck brightener product.

Composite decks are another option, but they require little maintenance. Unlike wood, composite decks do not require periodic staining, painting, or sealing. Keeping your deck clean is easy and can last for many years. The cleaning solution takes three to five days to penetrate the deck’s finish. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune hiring a professional. Generally, the materials needed for a 20×20-foot deck will cost around $120. Renting a power washer will cost about $80 a day.