Which Hot Tub Repairs Should You Leave to the Professionals?

Depending on the brand, you may be able to save money by performing hot tub repair work yourself. It’s possible to repair a simple leak with a hot tub sealer. However, a lot of hot tub problems require the expertise of a professional. A professional Hot Tub Repair Seattle offers expert advice, whether a broken valve, leaking water, or a damaged shell. If you’re confident in your knowledge and skills, you can handle most of your hot tub repairs yourself. 

Hot Tub Repair

Some hot tub repairs are inexpensive and straightforward. A handyman can fix small cracks or leaks. Shell leaks are also relatively easy to fix using a sealant. A small crack in the shell will cost $20 and $100 to fix. More expensive repairs are better left to a professional. To avoid spending more money on repairs than you need to, get three quotes from different contractors and compare them. Some contractors charge anywhere from $60 to $125 an hour.

To determine whether you need a professional or a do-it-yourself repair, you need to know the causes of the problem. The spa shell is the part of the spa where you sit and is made of acrylic or fiberglass. It is prone to cracks and breaks. Moreover, the cabinet is wood or plastic and supports the shell. If the shell is cracked, the spa repair service will need to fix it with sealant or some other process.

While high-quality home spas are built to last, sometimes they can develop problems. Sometimes, you may see error messages on the control panel requiring repair by a professional. If the issue is a simple one, you can try to fix it yourself. Nevertheless, you should contact a hot tub repair expert if you’re unsure. You’ll need to learn which hot tub repairs you can safely handle and which ones you should leave to the professionals.

The water level in your hot tub may be decreasing without any apparent reason. Sometimes, a leak is hard to detect, so a professional can help you determine the cause. A small leak may be easy to fix on your own, but it’s better to call a professional if it’s a more extensive leak. They will know how to inspect the hot tub and find the leak. This will ensure the safety of your family.

Regular maintenance is crucial for your hot tub. If you’re regularly using your hot tub, you may have noticed problems such as cloudy water or weak jets. You should periodically check the water chemistry, as changes in these levels could mean potential problems with your hot tub’s components. In addition, it’s a good idea to shock the water every few months to recharge the sanitizer. A regular maintenance routine will ensure that your hot tub remains tip-top shape.

If you’re confident in your repair skills, you can try replacing your hot tub blower. Typically, a new jet costs $75 to $100. Depending on the model, you can do this repair yourself or call a professional. However, it’s best to consult a professional before attempting to replace your jets yourself. The cost of repairing a hot tub is only half the price of replacing it! But don’t be afraid to ask an expert if you’re unsure.

If you don’t have time to maintain your hot tub, a reliable company can help you with your needs. It also offers many pool services, including preparing pools for winter. If you’re leaving town, make sure to check the weather in your area so that you don’t end up with an overheated spa. 

An excellent all-purpose cleaner is a dash of white vinegar. This is a safe and effective way to clean a hot tub and lower its pH level. If you’re using white vinegar, remember to add a pH decrease. Cleaning should be done as frequently as possible and always include wiping down the shell, the cabinet, and the underside pump. The alkalinity level should be between 100 and 150 parts per million. Anything higher will lead to cloudiness and scaling, so make sure you adjust the alkalinity accordingly.